Robert Giesch

Robert Giesch

It makes me happy to fly and work with a great team of experienced and independent pilots. As the managing director and owner of Joyride Paragliding, it is a pleasure for me to witness, the trust and understanding our pilots build up with our passengers.
Our biggest goal is that every single guest feels welcome and comfortable to fly with us. Therefore all our pilots are English speaking.
Thanks to the personalities and the flying skills of our pilots, we are able to make every flight an unique experience. We welcome individual passengers but also smaller and larger groups.

Our Joyride Paragliding Team


Robert Giesch – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot and managing director of Joyride Paragliding
Languages: English, German, French
Flying: Flying experience in the whole Alps and also in India, Nepal, Ecuador, Chile
Other activities: Bicycle journeys, diving, all kind of mountain sports and drums playing
Personal: Born 1972, married, two children, living in Davos
‘I fly paraglider since 2003 and have done about 2,000 tandem flights with passengers. The flights were fascinating, unique and beautiful, because of the harmonic mixture of nature, human, enthusiasm and flying passion.’


Mark Bugmann – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German, French
Flying: He flies since 1988 and his favorite flying spots are: Davos, Praettigau, Surselva and Alpstein. He was flying and living in New Zealand for some years. He is Gradient Swiss Team Pilot and freelancer for the paragliding magazine THERMIK.
Other activities: He is a jazz drummer with his own band and plays frequent concerts.
Personal: Born 1961, lives with his wife and two children near Zurich
‘The phrase “shared joy is double joy” is what I like most about tandem flying. It motivates me and it is a privilege to witness how the flight gives the passenger a unique exhilarating experience, and the bliss that lingers on when we are back on earth.’

Tandemflight with Peter over the Lake WalenseePeter Greis – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German
Flying: In the air since 1989, first with Delta, paragliding since 1996, and tandem since 2004, flying experience in Switzerland, Madeira, Nepal, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, California, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, South Africa, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Crete; It’s simply the best excuse to travel.
Other activities: Telemark skiing, good food, music, running, and hike and fly
Personal: Born 1967 in America; since 1999 in Switzerland with my wife, children and dog at home
‘The freedom that flying gives me can not be found anywhere else. The sky gives me the ultimate playground and the best escape from the daily grind. That I can share it with passengers is a beautiful thing – it is amazing how quickly it changes from “I have a fear of heights” to “this is awesome!”‘

Thomas Gresch – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Flying: Flies since 1988, he has flown in many regions of Switzerland but there are still flight dreams to be turned into reality.
Other activities: Playing in a theater ensemble, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, biking, jogging
Personal: Born 1969, married, two children and lives in Merenschwand
‘It is something special, to share the joy of paragliding with a passenger. And it’s always exciting and enriching to meet new people and get to know them during the flight.’

Hoch fliegen mit Lukas
Lukas Ledermann – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: German, English, Spanish and French
Flying: After a short skydive career, swapped the parachute for a paraglider. Flying since 2013. On his cross-country flights, whether in Switzerland, Colombia or New Zealand, he always enjoys the unique view.
Other activities: plays piano in a band, endurance sport
Personal: Born 1993, studies electrical engineering and lives in Rapperswil
‘It was soon clear to me that I would do the tandem license. Like this I can pass on the feeling of freedom that I experience when flying. After an unique flight and a gentle landing to see the joy of the passenger is the reason for me for tandem flying.’

Wingover mit Daro
Daro Flückiger – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German, French
Flying: Since 2009 licensed paragliding pilot and since 2016 licensed tandem pilot. Flying experiences in Italy, France, Austria, Marco and Turkey
Other activities: hiking, swimming, biking
Personal: Born 1983, lives in Sattel, married, one child, independent physiotherapist
‘To meet people – join in an adventure – being a part of the nature – share happiness. When these ingredients are combined with a tandem flight, an unforgettable experience will be created.’

Stefan Hollenstein – Flight instructor and examiner FOCA/SHPA for paragliding & tandem paragliding, owner of Flugcenter Grischa in Klosters
Languages: English, German, French & Italian
Flying: Flying license 1989, tandem and flying instructor license 1992, since 1994 managing the Flycenter Grischa and working full-time in the paragliding business
Other activities: trekking, trail- and skyrunning, outdoorsports
Personal: Born 1967, lives with partner Clarina in Fanas
‘Paragliding fulfills the deep desire of humans to be able to fly, in the simplest and most direct way. We like to help you to discover a world far from any computer animation – our world – but in true 3D and sharper than HD….’

Thomas Weber – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Flying: Flight experience in the Alpine region, USA, Turkey, and Spain. Cross country distance flights up to 200km, acrobatic- & speed-flying.
Personal: Born 1988, grew up and lives in Serneus near Klosters
Other activities: Biking, hiking and skiing
‘In flight you can perceive the world from above. No mobile phone, no noise, etc. is disturbing and you can concentrate on the essential – to be flying. I like especially to share the impressions on tandem flights with someone else, be it a panoramic flight or even a roller coaster like flight. The smile on the passengers face is my biggest reward.’

Ivo Grünenfelder – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German
He flies since 2001. He has experience as a tandem pilot in the Alps, Africa, Turkey and Brazil. He also owns a paragliding company in the Walensee region.
Other activities: cross-country flying, speed flying, skiing and all kinds of outdoor sports
Personal: Born 1976, lives in Vilters
‘I like to share my passion with other people. Flying makes me happy, because I like to be close to nature. What could be better than to fly over the Alps and to experience nature in this special way. My goal is to fulfill the dream of flying for my passengers and it’s just great to see a smiling face after the landing.’

Pablo Winzer – Flight Instructor FOCA for paragliding & tandem paragliding
Languages: English, German
Flying: He is flying since 2002, runs its own flight school and works as a flight instructor for other flight schools.
Other activities: skiing and snowboarding, speed riding, kitesurfing, biking, diving….
Personal: Born 1986, lives in Wettingen and Klosters
‘The nice thing about tandem flying is, that I can share my enthusiasm for flying with others. Especially paragliding’s simplicity and silence has almost something magical and surreal. The time in the air is pure relaxation, because you can turn off easily and live only in the moment. My goal is to give each passenger his desired unforgettable flight experience. Whether in thermals to rise up and to enjoy the panoramic view, with fast maneuvers to do some acrobatic flying or simply with a comfortable glide into the valley.’

Valentin Gillich – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German
Flying: In 2002 out of boredom and thanks to vertigo he starts paragliding in South America. He has his own paragliding company in the region Interlaken and is always happy to come to Davos to fly for Joyride Paragliding.
Other activities: Enjoying to travel, eating good, and living good
Personal: Born 1974, lives in Bern
‘I like to fly tandem because the pleasure is twice as strong as flying alone. Flying lets me forget the daily things and in the same time I can make someone happy.’

Dani Leppert – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German & some Spanish
Flying: Flies since 2010, flight experience in almost the whole Alps. Own paragliding company in Zurich and Lenzerheide.
Other activities: Hiking, skiing and most of all being out in the nature
Sprachen: German, English y un boquitito español
Personal: Born 1963, lives with his girlfriend near Zurich
‘Why do I fly? – Unique natural spectacles and views which can only been seen in the third dimension are already enough reasons. We are sitting for real “in the first row”. You draw circles into the sky, along with eagles, buzzards and other paragliders. According to the motto: Live your dream and don’t dream your life … ‘

Renato Spaeni – FOCA-licensed tandem pilot
Languages: English, German
Flying: Renato is Gradient team-pilot and when ever it’s possible in the air. Among tandem he flies also acrobatics and long cross country flights, or he discovers the entire Swiss Alps with his sailplane . He has over 1’500 hours airtime, is flying paraglider since 2011 and sailplane since 2001.
Other activities: Outdoorsports with the snow-board, skis or bike
Personal: Born 1982, lives in Zürich
‘To escape with guests and friends in the 3rd dimension and soar with the upwinds is for me again and again a great experience, which I like to share. No matter if we hang out relaxed over the summits or head-over tumbling towards the earth.”

Simon Schmid – FOCA-licensed glider pilot including passengers and aerobatic flights
Languages: English, German
Flying: He made the glider pilot’s license in Bad Ragaz in 2007, and then expanded his license to cover flight specialities. He was working for SR Technics for the maintenance of airliners.
Other activities: Model airplane flying
Personal: Jg. 1980 lives in Opfikon/Glattbrugg
‘It is always a pleasure for me to fly with passengers, because each flight is something very special. The reactions of an enthusiastic passengers at the end of a flight are a great honor.’


Also many thanks to further Joyride Paragliding supporters: Christof Huber, Frédéric Gottraux, Marcel Schoch, Patrick Filipaj, Simon Isler, krafik design, EgelmairPhotography and Markus Kehl.