Flying free like an eagle through the air
Almost weightless and silently towards the sun and around the clouds. This is soaring! With a tandem glider and a experienced pilot everyone becomes the king of the sky. Searching and finding thermals in a breathtaking scenery.
Price CHF 275

The gliding experience
Normally an one-hour flight is targeted, this can also be expanded and extended. However, the flight duration is highly dependent on the daily thermals and weather conditions. A minimum flight duration of 30 minutes guaranteed. Spectators are always welcome at the airport and also the fun is guaranteed. The graceful aircrafts can be viewed from close. Children may also take a seat in the cockpit and watch the aircrafts take-off and landing.

Required physical condition and age
Size between 1.30 to 2.00 meters; weight 45-105 kg; normal health; under 18 years with written parental consent.